Just the Berries PD Corporation is the U.S. alliance of Just the Berries Group in New Zealand , the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of New Zealand Blackcurrant based nutraceutical health ingredients.

Just the Berries PD Corporation Address:
777 S.Figeuroa St, Suite 3775
Los Angeles, CA 90017


Just the Berries PD Corporation (JTBPD) is affiliated with Global Technology and Marketing Inc. for the procurement of New Zealand grown fruit.

Since 2009 Vision Smart Center Inc , based in California, has been exclusively engaged in the marketing and selling of consumer products made by Just the Berries PD Corporation.

New Zealand Berry Group Corporation (NZBG), based in California, is a subsidiary of Just the Berries PD Corporation. They are engaged in the production of dried New Zealand Blackcurrant fruits (in association with the National Raisin Company), and have been the largest producer and marketer of dried blackcurrants internationally for over 5 years

R&D Merchandising Role of JTB USA:

Just the Berries PD Corporation (JTB USA) Research and Development (R&D) consists of three “Pillars” of operations. The three pillars are focused on ingredient supply, research & testing, advanced production of quality, healthy and delicious foods. JTB USA is the leading provider of nutraceutical ingredients extracted from New Zealand Blackcurrants. JTB USA’s ingredients are used in a variety of applications word wide for the supplement, food and beverage industries. JTB USA’s products can be found in consumer products sold in United States, Europe and Asian countries.

Some of JTB (USA)’s core functions include:

– Research on blackcurrant anthocyanins and polyphenols with eye brain and intestinal benefits.

– Innovative product development of the extraction and standardization of the anthocyanins extracted ingredients for supplements.

– Production of those ingredient products for specific nutraceutical uses.

– Customized merchandizing of the functional foods with the cassis anthocyanins, seed oils and those juice liquids.

– Supplying the ingredients in the US market and exporting the products to all over the world.

The Pathbreaker of Blackcurrant Nutraceutical Ingredients to the World Market

Just the Berries PD Corporation is a pioneer in bringing New Zealand Blackcurrant based ingredients and its nutraceutical applications to the supplement industries of the world. We developed the in-depth research behind the discovery of the health benefits of blackcurrants. We initiated the inclusion of blackcurrant ingredients to the development of nutraceutical and functional foods. Our main ingredients used for functional foods include black currant anthocyanins, polyphenols, Gamma Linolenic Acid and nutrition and flavor condensed juices.

Collaborative Research with Universities, Research institutes, Medical doctors, Researchers and Supplement Industries

Just the Berries PD Corporation works closely with scientific research institutes of the world including medical doctors, scientists, nutraceutical researchers, and horticulture research organizations in the USA, New Zealand and Japan to develop health research related to eye, brain, intestinal synbiotics and skin health.

Just the Berries PD Corporation is devoted not only to the technical advancement of JTB ingredient products and how it is applied into therapeutic effect of supplements, functional foods, and cosmeceuticals but also to working with the supplement industries on what and how consumer supplements and functional foods can be merchandised using JTB quality ingredients in the United States and around the world.

Our management team would like to thank our customers in the supplement industries for giving us a wonderful opportunity to service you. It is our desire to keep you satisfied with our services and continue to provide high-quality nutraceutical products.

The corporate office of Just the Berries PD Corporation is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, California.