Our Ingredient Supply Role

Our prime role of Just the Berries PD Corporation is to introduce and supply very innovative New Zealand Blackcurrant ingredients to our industry clients in the nutraceutical market of the States and to other industry partners located outside the USA.

Those highly developed ingredients product made only from the nutritious & safe raw materials of NZ blackcurrant berries have been successfully manufactured for the last 12 years through advanced merchandising technology at our state of the art facility,  Just the Berries Ltd, New Zealand.

Our ingredient products are produced from the most nutrient dense blackcurrant berries in the world, and used in a diverse variety of pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical supplements, cosmeceuticals, and functional and daily-consumed foods and beverages.   Ultimately, these products will enhance health and wellness through nutraceutical uses, while others will create unique functional food and beverage products.

All of our products are supported with first-class merchandising technology at the state-of-the-art facilities in the Just the Berries’ New Zealand compound.   As a pioneer of nutraceutical-grade blackcurrant ingredient manufacturing, which was first introduced to Japan in the year 2000, the scientific team at Just the Berries Group has successfully developed state-of-the-art, extremely innovative processing technology to produce the highest quality and most superior products.

To assure excellence and consistency, all products are subjected to strict regulations, rigid quality control standards and thorough testing in all stages of the supply chain – from cultivation and farming  to manufacturing and testing, and  finally  to consumer nutraceutical product application.

We believe that the consistent production of high quality standardized extracts and other unique New Zealand Blackcurrant  ingredient products requires exceptionally advanced technology and manufacturing practices, of which Just the Berries Group  has been consistently achieving for the last 12 years.