Blackcurrant Juice- Brix 65


Just the Berries offers two different special blackcurrant juice concentrates, a Brix65 and Brix68. These are not just ordinary juice concentrates; they come from the fruits grown specifically for their high content level of anthocyanins, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

These New Zealand Blackcurrant juice concentrates are processed with the utmost care and advanced technology to preserve the fresh fruit’s characteristics and health promoting elements. In addition, Blackcurrant Brix 65 and Brix 68 boast distinctive flavors, rich color, velvety texture and a delightful aroma.


Brix65 black currant juice contains an ORAC value up to 50,467.8 umoleTE/100g. Its deep magenta color is due to the high concentration of naturally occurring anthocyanins.Like the anthocyanins found in all New Zealand Blackcurrant products, Brix65’s anthocyanin content can prevent oxidative stress and premature aging, improve brain health and slow neurodegenerative diseases. Ongoing research is also discovering the prebiotic properties of blackcurrant berries, which may offer overall digestive health improvements. Vision health also benefits from Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate Brix65, including an improved dark adaptation threshold and relief from eye diseases including myopia, glaucoma and rhodopsin.

Ongoing studies continue to prove that blackcurrants have the highest nutrient content and antioxidant activity of any fruit. These facts, along with its associated health benefits make New Zealand Blackcurrant the healthiest fruit available today. Remarkably, blackcurrant berries contain twice the potassium of bananas, more than two times the antioxidants of blueberries, four times the vitamin C of oranges, and are ten times more nutrient dense than pomegranates.

Just the Berries Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate Brix65 is ideal for creating the most delicious beverages, refrigerated and shelf stable juices, fruit drinks, yogurts, jellies, fruit centers, toppings, soft candies, chocolate fillings, syrups and liqueurs. Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate Brix65 is filled into a 200L poly-lined steel drum, nitrogen flushed, and stored at -18°C (0°F).