Sweet Cassis Polysaccharide Powder

A Delicious and Sweet Blacckurrant Flavoring Powder Kosher Certified!!

Sweet Cassis Polysaccharide (SCP) is an innovative extract that captures the unique color and flavor of New Zealand Blackcurrants. The delicious and Sweet taste of SCP is perfect for beverages, functional foods, yogurts, syrups and more! It is copmletely free-flowing, water soluble and incredibly stable!

All Natural Flavors and Color

Just the Berries’ Sweet Cassis Polysaccharide powder (SCP) is made from the highest quality Blackcurrant Berries cultivated in New Zealand’s pristine island environment. Just the Berries makes this premium powder with fresh Blackcurrant Berries. Concentrating and spray drying them to form a free flowing poweder with intense flavoring and coloring properties. This premium extract is processed with the ipmost care via proprietary processes to preserve the berrys’ natural high levels of anthocyanins, polyphenolos, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. SCP can also help enhance the natural flavors of other ingredients and mask unwanted tastes, making it perfect for the use in a berry blend!

High Health Properties

New Zealand Blackcurrants have an extraodinarily high anthocyanin content and antioxidant activity compared with pomegranate, blueberries, cranberries and even blackcurrants grown in other countires! Additionally, blackcurrants contain very unique types of anthocyanins which are rarely found in other fruit. Ongoing research continues to uncover exciting health benefits of these unique anthocyanins which include support for: Brain, digestice, vision, immune and cardiovascular health. Given these impressive health characteristics, plus the naturally high levels of vitamins and minerals, its no wonder Blackcurrants have been named:

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