Blackcurrant Seed Oil

New Zealand Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Just the Berries carefully extracts Blackcurrant Seed Oil (BCSO) from the premium quality New Zealand blackcurrants. They use a super critical, CO2 extraction process that preserves the naturally high levels of health compounds. Following extraction, the oil is standardized to more than 15% Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 12-15% Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) and 2-4% Steridonic Acid (SDA). This high value ingredient is then ideal for a wide range of health ingredients.

Blackcurrant Seed Oil is available in 5 gallon canisters, nitrogen flushed and stored at -18°C (0°F).

The Ideal Ingredient for Many Products

Black currant Seed Oil offers a wide array of supplement applications such as targeted supplements for cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, digestive health, women’s health and menopausal relief, beauty health and anti-aging.

In addition to its numerous internal and health benefits, ongoing research is currently revealing the topical application benefits of Cassis Seed Oil, which may include skin benefits, including acne, rosacea and relief from eczema and psoriasis symptoms. Just the Berries’ Blackcurrant Seed Oil is ideal for supplement and cosmeceutical products including face creams, lotions, lip balms, shampoos and anti-aging treatments.

The Rare Combination of Fatty Acids in Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Gamma Linolenic Acid

This high value compound plays a key role in a number of human health functions, in particular prostaglandin production and hormone regulation. Usually, the human body synthesizes its own GLA using the enzyme Delta-6-Desaturase (D6D). However, D6D activity is significantly reduced in most people due to age, poor diet, pollution and unhealthy lifestyles. This has meant GLA deficiencies are common amongst many people, contributing to a number of harmful diseases and health conditions.

Alpha Linolenic Acid

ALA is an Omega-3 essential fatty acid, which means it is required for normal body funtioning but must be obtained through the diet. It plays many  roles in cellular functions and is a key precursor to many key Omega-3 fatty acids (including those responsible for anti-inflammation signaling and brain health). Dietary levels of ALA (and omega-3’s in general) have severely diminished in present ‘western’ diets relative to pro-inflammatory Omega-6’s. This is troublesome as omega 3’s and 6’s often compete directly for use of the same enzymes, resulting in even less ALA being correctly processed into much needed products.

Stearidonic Acid

Stearidonic Acid (SDA), an Omega-3 fatty acid, is a key intermediary involved in anti-inflammatory responses. Like GLA, SDA synthesis is dependent on the D6D enzyme. Synthesis levels are therefore lower than optimal for most people today due to factors such as age, smoking, poor diet and alcohol consumption.

The Scientifically Validated Heath Benefits of Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Supplemental BCSO bypasses the problems associated with D6D inactivity, helping restore natural GLA and SDA levels plus normalizes healthy Omega-3:Omega-6 ratios.  These in addition to other effects, provide a number of scientifically validated health benefits, including: anti-inflammatory effects, improved blood pressure and circulation, regulation of hormone levels, fat burring and cardiovascular benefits, eye health and advanced brain function activity.  The table below briefly outlines the many health benefits of blackcurrant GLA.

Premium Fruit and Proprietary Methods Ensure Oil Quality

Blackcurrant Seed Oil is carefully processed by Just the Berries to protect the essential fatty acids from oxidative rancidity. The super critical CO2 extraction process used not only excludes all other ‘undesirable’ materials, but also keeps the temperature very low (allowing the peroxide value of this seed oil to remain very low – NMT 3.0meq/kg).
Most manufacturers use a mix of a lot of different seeds to make blackcurrant seed oil which can cause problems. Just the Berries’ on the other hand, produces blackcurrant seed oil exclusively from one species (Ben Ard), grown on the JTB farm in New Zealand without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.