Clinical Vision health benefits of Blackcurrant

New Research Continues to Find the Incredible Vision Health Benefits of New Zealand Blackcurrants!

For vision health, there are a number of physiological effects  that blackcurrant anthocyanins deliver to offer both immediate and long term health effects for supplements and functional foods. (Proven through pre-clinical and clinical research)

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Short term (Immediate) benefits:

(NOTE: many of these are effects the consumer can feel and notice – an important factor for repeat purchase of supplements!)

  • Increasing blood circulation (including ocular blood circulation). Helping with nourishment, relief of optic nerve pressure and improving the removal of waste. Also can noticeably help with darkness under the eyes
  • Relaxing the ciliary muscles in the eye (for relief of eye fatigue and tiredness plus associated neck shoulder and back pain)
  • Promoting rhodopsin regeneration (for light capture and color vision)
  • Helping with vision performance (measures include the refractory index)

Long term benefits:

  • Powerful anti-oxidant strength that can help neutralize oxidative stress (potentially preventing the development of eye disease like Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts and more)
  • Assistance to those already suffering from eye disease (improving eye function scores overtime)
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that help calm inflammation, which can otherwise lead to accumulated long term damage
  • Blood circulation benefits also help long term eye health and function.

Other key aspects:

(Related to the success of  vision and eye health benefits from New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanins)

  • Can pass through the blood brain barrier (to actually access the eyes and brain – which most vitamins and supplements cannot do)
  • Very high bio-availability (absorbed within 15 mins and lasts in circulation for over 8 hours)
  • Unique New Zealand growing conditions (high UV index, clean and green environment, farmer expertise, high value cultivar, plus others..) mean blackcurrant fruit from JTB have superior anthocyanin content and significantly lower contamination, compared with other blackcurrants from around the world (this translates into the highest quality powder extracts)
  • New Zealand grown blackcurrant fruit” is a useful marketing angle for advertisement of products