Introducing Vision Spark

Vision Spark®

                                          – Delicious Functional Gel

Energy Boost and Heart & Vision Health

15ml Gel Sachet (one daily dose)

                                                      •No Added Sugar
                                                      •No Artificial Colors
                                                      •No Artificial Flavor
                                                      •No Preservatives
                                                      •100% Gluten Free



Vision Spark is a first of its kind functional gel designed to support vision, mental sharpness and cardiovascular health plus physical energy!



New Zealand Blackcurrants – The Most Nutritious and Delicious in the World!

Vision Spark is made with nutritious blackcurrant juice and extracted anthocyanin powder, which are produced from premium New Zealand Blackcurrants. These incredible fruit contain several times the concentration of Minerals, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants  and health promoting phytochemicals as other fruit. Earning them the title KING OF BERRIES!

Dark Purple: Natures most powerful color of health

The deep black color of New Zealand Blackcurrants comes from their unique anthocyanins! These active compounds of polyphenols are actually purple in color but appear black because they are so concentrated and those essences contained in Vision Spark! These blackcurrant anthocyanins have amazed researchers through many clinical and pre-clinical studies. Collectively demonstrating support for vision, brain, heart and skin health and more!!!

The Delicious Flavor of thousands of phytonutrient volatiles!

Naturally produced blackcurrant juice used in Vision Spark (obtained from Just the Berries PD corp.) is also rich in delicious volatile phyto-chemicals! It no wonder blackcurrants have been a European favorite for hundreds of years!! Modern clinical studies arealso revealing these phytonutrients (anthocyanins and polyphenols) have incredible health benefits. They are shown to help support Vision, Brain and Heart health plus, help to boost natural energy!

Ubiquinol The Most Active Form of Co-Enzyme Q10: Easily absorbed even as the body gets older!

Co-Q10 is a critical enzyme linked with generating cellular energy! Many health professionals and medical doctors therefore recommend CoQ10 to support heart health and energy support. However, with age our body makes less Co-Q10 and has trouble changing the regular Co-Q10 form (Ubiquinone) into the active and absorbable form (Ubiquinol).  Vision Spark contains the highly bio-active form of Co-Q10 (pharmaceutical grade ubiquinol) to promote CoQ10 replenishment in your body! This makes it perfect for adults over 40 who are no longer efficiently producing their own Co-Q10 or, who cannot easily absorb Co-Q10 in its regular form (ubiquinone)!

Vision Spark synergistically combines Blackcurrant Anthocyanins with of Co-Enzyme Q10 to help maintain health and wellness during the pressures and stress modern lifestyles


Vision Spark is Designed to Support:

  • Eye Health
  • Heart Health
  • Anti-oxidant Power
  • Physical Energy
  • Immunity
  • Brain Health


Potential side effects of the Co-Enzyme Q10 and Blackcurrant Anthocyanins in Vision Spark:

During Pregnancy and Breast-feeding: A recommended dose of one Vision Spark sachet per day is safe during pregnancy. Taking Vision Spark while breastfeeding however is not recommended as little is known about the potential effects.

Before Surgery: The circulatory benefits of Vision Spark may interfere with blood pressure control during and after surgery. It is recommended you stop using Vision Spark for at least two weeks before and following a scheduled surgery.

With Blood Pressure Medication: Because Vision Spark may improve your blood circulation, if you currently take medication to reduce your blood pressure, Vision Spark may cause your blood pressure to drop too low.

Please discuss the use of Vision Spark with your healthcare provider if you are on medication.