Blackcurrant Anthocyanins help to inhibit virus attachment to cells and reduce cytokine storm?

(1). Covid-19 and Virus Invasion and Cytokine Storm

 What are ACE2 of human host cell and S-Protein of COVID-19?

How new corona virus attaches to the receptor of our host cell called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2(ACE2) of which system is also a key player of treatment of hypertension.

It has been reported by many medical information that the tiny key molecular key (spike protein) of Covid-19 that facilitates the virus entry into the host cells and rapidly replicate the viruses into lung, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, vascular endothelial streams through ACE2.

The pandemic has upended life around the world, crippling the global economy and creating a “new normal” for American life.

What is ACE2 inhibitor to fight against the entry of coronavirus?

ACE2 is the main host cell receptor of this new virus and plays a crucial role in the entry of virus into the cell to cause the final and first infection in our lungs.

In order to block or reduce the adsorption of new coronavirus to our human cells

A few drugs as the inhibitors of new virus attaching human cells and the inhibitors of Cytokine Storm are currently used to treat infected patients to save their life.

Any drugs to kill those virus made entry into human cells infected and destroyed?

Once the virus invaded into the human cells, unfortunately there is no specific antiviral treatment drugs good for COVID-19 infection. People infected with COVID-19 are treated with supportive care to help relieve symptoms such as steroids and other drugs but the efficacies of those drugs are questionable.

What is the most dreadful symptom to make infected people fall into serious pneumonia?      

IT IS CYTOKINE STORM causing Sudden Crash in Patients with COVID-19!!

TEN OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE were killed by CYTOKINE STORM during the pandemic of Spanish flu.

Cytokine Storm is now seen as a likely major cause of mortality in the 1918-20 “Spanish flu”–which killed more than 50 million people worldwide and the H1N1 “swine flu” in 2009 and H5N1 “bird flu” of recent years—and now COVID-19.

What Cytokines are causing infected people of Covid-19 with serial lung disease?

Cytokine Storm might explain why some people have a severe reaction to coronaviruses while others only experience mild symptoms. They could also be the reason why younger people are less affected, as their immune systems are less developed and so produce lower levels of inflammation-driving cytokines such as IL6, TNF, IFN-ab, IL-1, and Mcp1/CCL2. neutrophil- and monocyte-associated MMP-9, neutrophil elastase.

Dr. Randy Cron, a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, says at the New York Times that “Cytokine Storm happens when the pro-inflammatory cytokines get out of control in abundance. The body produces cytokines to help fight bacteria, viruses and other invading organisms. However, it gets overly activated and that exuberance of these pro-inflammatory cytokines is what leads to multi-organ failure and potentially death,


  Nearly 300,000 patients died in H1N1 Pandemic Influenza 2009!! 

 The pandemic H1N1 influenza of the year 2009 suddenly occurred spreading into North America, South America, Africa, European countries, Southeast Asia, Japan and widely infected more than 200 countries around the world.

That influenza virus H1N1 remained widespread in almost continents causing severe sicknesses; bronchial asthma, acute pneumonia, multiple organ failure, sepsis etc.

British Medical Journal LANCET announced that the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated the death toll to be approximately more than 280,000 worldwide.

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins significantly inhibited H1N1 Virus attached to Human Cell!  

 In 2002, Asahikawa Medical University announced that it had a remarkable inhibitory effect by 98% on the adsorption of influenza A and B on human cells by Anthocyanins/phenolic of blackcurrant.

In the year 2013, a joint research team led by Professor Suzutani of Fukushima Medical University and Asahikawa Medical University had disclosed studies done with natural phytochemicals on the inhibition of virus adsorption that the phytochemicals contained in Japanese Kurokarin (blackcurrant) had a remarkable inhibitory effect of 98% inhibition on the adsorption of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) 2009, Hong Kong influenza (IFV-AH3), Russian influenza (IFV_AH1),

 In these repeated research anthocyanins chemicals extracted from blackcurrant had significantly inhibited the invasion of 4 influenza virus strains into human cells.

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins are effectively inhibited Herpes and Adenovirus infection!!

In addition, the phytochemicals of blackcurrant inhibited on the cell membrane the herpes bacillus (HSV-1) and pharyngitis infecting the mouth, throat and eye area causing swelling, throat pain and high fever with high fever and throat pain.

Many studies show that Blackcurrant anthocyanins and polyphenols suppress the replication of adenovirus infectious bacteria (AdV = pool fever) that causes conjunctivitis that causes irritation of the eye, tonsillitis, eye congestion, eyes, etc.

Based on more than the 10 years research led by Professor Suzutani of Fukushima Medical University scientifically it was found that BLACKCURRANT ANTHOCYANIN COMPOSITIONS are significantly effective on the suppression of RNA virus replication and proliferation of H1N1 influenza and Hong Kong type virus.

 Serine Proteinases causing inflammation are significantly reduced!!

Studies done at Pennsylvania University showed that the blackcurrant extract inhibited all serine proteinases tested. MMP-1 and MMP-9, inflammatory compounds of Cytokine Storm , were significantly inhibited by pure anthocyanins during 4 hours incubation test. Serine proteinases related periodontal disease were also significantly inhibited by pure anthocyanins.

Pre-Clinical Data (2015 Edition by JTB):

Lab Tests Show Anthocyanins in Blackcurrant Extract Powder Have Powerful Anti-Virus & Microbial Properties, Ideal For Virus Prevention!

Researchers showed the exact same Blackcurrant Anthocyanins extract found in Blackcurrant Extract Powder had incredibly powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. This led researchers to state, “The findings demonstrate the potential of blackcurrant extract as a functional food for cold and flu care”!

Test Materials: Human cells in culture

Results: Blackcurrant Anthocyanins inhibited infection of cells by H1N1 2009, HSV-1 virus by

over 95%. Plus, killed over 99% of certain bacteria’s.

Institution: Fukushima Medical University School, Asahikawa Medical University, Japan.

Publican: Ikuta, K. et al (2012)

Clinical #2 (2015 Edition by JTB):

Blackcurrant Anthocyanins Help Protect and Against Influenza via Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties!!

Norwegian researchers found Blackcurrant reduced the amounts of inflammatory compounds in the blood. These exciting results suggest Blackcurrant Extract Powder (with the highest available does of blackcurrant anthocyanins) may be useful in protecting against Influenza.

Participants: 120 men and women

Duration: 3 weeks

Dose: 300mg Blackcurrant Anthocyanin per day

Results: Significant reduction of inflammatory compounds in the blood

Institution: University of Oslo and the Ullevaal University Hospital in Norway

Publication: Paur, P. et al. (2007)

Clinical Research: (Subjects 118)

Blackcurrants Reduce Expression of Cytokines Involved in Causing Inflammation.

(3). Begins in the lungs and ends in the lungs = Covid-19    

COVID-19 is the same respiratory disease as influenza, and the new viral gene has many similarities with the SARS virus, so it was named SARS-CoV-2.

Specific symptoms may start with fever, cough, no smell, and no taste and eventually develop acute pneumonia like ARDS caused by Cytokine Storm.


The Lancet Medical Journal says that 25% of people are asymptomatic but others get infected from those infected people with no symptoms and 21% of the infected people become serious ill and need mechanical ventilation to survive from ARDS. The Lancet emphasizes that in the getting ill process of infected people there are clearly three steps:






The coronavirus itself does not directly damage the body but their own defense system of cytokines causes their body’s immune system to overreact, resulting in bad infections in his own lungs, heart, kidneys, which may results in multiple organ failure such as sepsis.


Please Stay Safe and Healthy For Yourself and Your Family!!

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Please be advised that we haven’t tested blackcurrant anthocyanins on the cell adsorption and/or Cytokine Storm in vitro or by human. Blackcurrant anthocyanins contained with vitamins in Blackcurrant Extract Powder support to improve our immune system by taking it for a while from many studies done in the past 20 years.

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