Providing Relief and Solving Dry Eye Problems at the Source

Dry Eye is a common problem affecting millions of people every year. It usually occurs when natural tear production is reduced or when tears evaporate too quickly. This problem not only causes great discomfort but can also lead to inflammation, infection and free radical creation. Potentially causing serious long term damage to eye health.

Normal tear production helps the eye retain moisture for optimal function and comfort. Tears also contain potent natural disinfectants that keep bacteria at bay. Additionally, they wash away waste and impurities helping to maintain optimal eye health.

Supplemental GLA from Blackcurrant Seed Oil is able to address the underlying conditions that cause dry eye in men and woman. This is because GLA is a key signaling component in natural tear formation. GLA helps: maintain corneal surface smoothness, suppress surface inflammation, relieve irritation plus, enhance tear production and  tear stability (via the lacrimal and meibomian glands respectively).

Scientifically Validated Results

A 6 month study by researchers at the Government Medical Collage in Jammu India, confirmed that the Omega Fatty Acid content in Blackcurrant Seed Oil (in particular the GLA  content) could significantly benefit patients suffering from Dry Eye conditions. Improving not only tear break up time, but also quantity of tear production.